My name is written in the header of this page and I am a software engineer in the Google Brain team in Paris, France. My work is between research and engineering and focuses on program efficiency and programming effectiveness in context of artificial intelligence.


Oleksandr Zinenko is a software engineer at Google Brain based in Paris, France. Previously, he worked as a research engineer for Inria, French National Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and École Normale Supérieure in Paris, as a member of Parkas group. Oleksandr obtained his PhD from the University Paris Saclay (Paris Sud XI) for his work on “Interactive Program Restructuring”. His research interests span from compilation to high-performance systems, to interactive software visualization united for common goal of making programming efficient programs effectively.

Contact Info

You can contact me by email. Personal communications should be addressed to “contact [at] this domain [dot] com”; professional communications are better off at “my last name [at] google [dot] com”.