This page features the list of my selected projects. I either created these projects or made substantial contributions described on the project page.

Note that, despite my best effort, most projects are research prototypes and may be incomplete and contain bugs. Do not hesitate to report any bugs or suggest changes. My time for supporting software is quite limited and any help is appreciated.

On many occasions, I contributed patches to open-source on behalf of myself or my employers. Examples of such projects are Clang compiler and OpenMPI library.

  • Chlore

    Software for recovering high-level syntactic description of the automatically computed polyhedral optimization without any feedback from the optimizer.

  • Claw · jcloog, claj, jscc

    A set of web-based tools for operating in the polyhedral model from within your web browser.

  • Clint

    Interactive graphical interface to the manual and compiler-assisted program restructuring in the polyhedral model.

  • PeriSCoP manipulation tools · clope, ciss, clay

    Extra tools for the Periscop toolset supporting polyhedral compilation: extract parallelism and divide the program into parts containing only uniorm data access patterns.

  • Tensor Comprehensions

    A domain specific language to express machine learning workloads based on polyhedral compilation techniques.