Claw is a set of similar in spirit web interfaces to well-known polyhedral tools and libraries with command-line interfaces. While command-line tools form the ecosystem of unix-based operating systems, they are a hassle for an occasional user. This is especially true for the polyhedral tools, meant for the advanced compiler users, but sometimes leveraged in different fields of informatics and mathematics.

Claw provides interfaces to these tools readily available from the web without any installation. It features LaTeX-like formula output and plotting facilities for 2D integer sets. Once loaded, it does not require internet connection: the entire interface may be saved and used locally. The price to pay is the huge size of webpages, up to ten megabytes.

Current implementation involves interfaces to: CLooG, Clay and iscc.


  • Oleksandr Zinenko (author)


Thanks to Tobias Grosser for the thoughtful discussion of the initial idea.